Our trailer for the show “Wonderland” by Maria Jamborsky. Inspired by Lewis Carroll, the pièce is a breathtaking analysis of the contemporary modern cities. It was presented at ufaFabrik Internationales Kulturcentrum in Berlin.

Concept, text and presentation: Maria Jamborsky

With: Lena Hellwig, Kaeccy McCarthy, Mareile Metzner, Bastian Parpan,

Robert Rating, Katharina Schlothauer, Paul Maximilian Schulze, Rodrigo Umseher

Mascs, costumes & set: Viola und Martin Jamborsky

Music: Paul Maximilian Schulze (Song der Grinsekatze),

Rodrigo Umseher (Mad Tea(m) Party Song)

Video: Sieva Diamantakos

Contributors to the video: Samia Chancrin, Georg Losch, Kaeccy McCarthy, Jan-Eric Meier,

Viktor Nilsson, Ned Stuart-Smith und Florian Steffens

Costume Video: Marleen Hinniger

Flyer-Layout: Tobias Gutenschwager

Production: Tapani Gradmann

  • And They Will Talk About Us

  • Filippo Balestra – Trovare l’orientamento