blitzar media is a film production company, founded by Natalia Fentisova and Sieva Diamantakos in 2016. We produce documentaries, fiction films & cross-media projects.


Concept, production, post-production


Natalia Fentisova grew up in Russia and Finland. She studied art and media in the Berlin University of the Arts & Brera Academy in Milan, exchanging for one year in California Institute of the Arts. She works as a producer and director. Her work includes documentaries, film-essays, shorts & cross-media projects, where she explores questions of psychological and physical transformations, cultural, social and gender identities.

Sieva Diamantakos was born in 1980 in Rome and grew up in Liguria, Italy. He started filming while he was attending the university in Bologna and Amsterdam. Later he became a member of port-royal, an emotional electronic band that inspired his fantasy. He developed a poetical visual language which was an inseparable part of the port-royal audiovisual show. For seven years he toured with the band all around the world, especially in the Eastern European countries as Russia, Ukraine, Serbia etc. Despite this intense collaboration, Sieva deepened his skills in many branches (commercial and independent) as director, cameraman, editor and VJ. Having developed a strong interest for the Eastern countries he decides to move to Kiev. There he worked on a documentary “Postcards from Ukraine” that depicts the political and social crisis in Ukraine.

Sieva’s work is deeply influenced by philosophy (mainly existentialism), sociology and the interaction between human and technology. His style of filming consists of both a visionary and emotional approach.


  • A feature documentary “Postcards from Ukraine” (2016), 85 min
    Winner @ AmiiWorkFest Lithuania (best feature film), Rome Film Awards (best documentary) audience price @ Movie Planet Film Festival; selected @ 49th Molodist Film Festival, 19th Genova Film Festival, 2nd AmiiWorkFest, 2nd Rome Film Awards, 2nd Perso Film Festival, Film Fest Eichstätt, Show “In this world” Leipzig, Movie Planet Film Festival.
  • 13 videos for port-royal (2007-2015) written, filmed and edited by Sieva Diamantakos, available on youtube:
    “Putin vs Valery”, “Stasi”, “Anya: Sehnsucht”, Balding generation (losing hair as we lose hope) “, “Severnaya “, ” The beat of the tiger, “The photoshopped prince”, “HVA (failed Revolutions), “Hermitage pt. 1,2,3” (title of the video: “Auf Wiedersehen”), “Spider toupet” (title of the video: “The inability to accept”), “Exhausted muse/Europe” (title of the video:”Escaping Athens”), “Regine Olsen” (title of the video:”Decline and fall of our fights”), “Günther Anders” (title of the video: “Stephanie”), “Sovereign Raiders” (title of the video: “Towards new ideologies”), “The last big impezzo”.
  • A short musical “Sovraesposte” (2010) in collaboration with Cristina Oddone and Elisabetta Consonni; which stresses out the theme of the exploitation of women`s representation in italian tv (director) * endorsed by UDI, citta’ di Genova and regione Liguria.
  • 6-year tour (2006-2012) with the Italian band port-royal where they presented their audiovisual live show all over Europe, Russia and United States.
    They’ve been invited to play in a lot of important festival like MIT in Rome (Italy), Off festival (Katowice Poland), Decibel festival (Seattle, US), Yamoy festival (Nantes, France),

Grec Festival (Barcelona, Spain), Ambush music festival (Subotica, Serbia) etc…

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