Blitzar Media is a media production company for film, video, cross-media projects, based in Helsinki & Berlin.

Blitzar Media helps its clients to visualize their idea and give it a strong message, conceptually and aesthetically loaded. Our mission is to make a product, which creates an impact and transforms the media field.


Concept, production, post-production

We collaborate with a variety of professionals from different fields: special effects, animation, sound post-production, sound mix and etc.


Natalia Fentisova is a film editor, director and visual artist. She grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia. During her art & media studies in  Milan,  and the USA, she collaborated with people from different fields including performers, actors, singers and programmers, developing her own personal language in film and performance. Her major works include film essays “Missing Chinatown”, “Reuse”,  av-performance “Mongolian Trip” which were shown in several international art events.

Sieva Diamantakos graduated in DAMS (University of Bologna). He is a former member of Port-Royal, an electronic indie band, with which he toured as visual artist all around the world and especially in former soviet countries, like Ukraine and Russia, among others. He made music videos such as “Putin vs Valery”, “German Big-flies”, “Balding Generation”, “Anya: Sehnsucht”, and “Spider Toupet”, receiving more than 1/2 million views on youtube. He also directed the short commercial “Sovraesposte” supported by UDIand by citta’ di Genova and Regione Liguria. Postcards from Ukraine is Sieva’s first documentary, produced by Mimesi’s Culture and Paul Thiltges Distributions.