From the suburbs of Donetsk to the separatists’ camps in Luhansk to the block posts in Mariupol and Crimea, from the wealthy estates of the oligarchs in Kharkiv to the still occupied Maidan Square in Kyiv, Postcards from Ukraine aims to represent a cross-section of the new generation of Ukraine. The film shows their values, dreams, and how they cope with the biggest crisis between East and West since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After traveling all over Ukraine, Sieva – the director – focused on five young characters whose lives have been affected by the events happening in the country. Each comes from various cities and social backgrounds, giving the viewer a sense of how individually these people react to the critical decisions they face.

The documentary shows the referendum for the independence of the Donbas region and the national presidential elections, which were all factors that led to the turmoil in Ukraine. Also, it chronicles the moments right after the revolution in Maidan, to the beginning of the conflict in the Eastern part of the country, through to the revolution anniversary of featuring President Poroshenko’s speech.

And then, there is the influence of mass propaganda, creating the image people see every day, both within and outside Ukraine. This influence completes the context in which the five characters, as well as all the Ukrainians, move.

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