And They Will Talk About Us

“And They Will Talk About Us” is a documentary film about two persons, an entrepreneur in military tourism and an artist and war volunteer , who struggle to survive and succeed in present Ukraine.

Anna, an artist and volunteer, tries to help the people of the Donbass region by bringing them clothes and encouraging kids to make art and play.
During a trip she has the idea to make a festival in Toshkiwka, a small village on the border with the occupied pro-Russian territories. She tries to find money for it but her dream dissolves when she meets on a train Liosha. She falls in love with him and move to Kyiv. After one year she got pregnant, without having the money to afford the medical expenses.

Sergii is an entrepreneur who created a company that provides military tours for tourists. He brings them to the shooting range, where they can try weapons, he lets them drive old soviet tanks and sells them tours to Chernobyl. The business grows exponentially and Sergii tries to diversify his activities by working as CEO for cryptocurrency application. This second project will not work out the way he expected.

And They Will Talk About Us - documentary, 103 min

director: Sieva Diamantakos

producer: Igor Savychenko, Natalia Fentisova, Sieva Diamantakos

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