Sovereign raiders

August 30, 2016 / Clip

Kiev, 2013/2014; Berlin, 2013.
The story focuses on a character that got kidnapped in Kiev and brought to an old Soviet Theater (Mala Opera) where a king is enjoying his time with some servants. The hero is obliged to play a game in which he has to dodge huge symbols of ideologies, which were thrown at him. He does not manage to dodge the last one, the symbol of money represented by the euro. Although he’s wounded, he does not give up until he sees a huge white parallelepiped. As soon as he sees it, he loses his forces and crumbles on the floor. When he’s dead, another journey begins for him.
Sieva Diamantakos collaborated with the scenographer Katya Berlova, who made all the symbols out of polystyrene and painted them with fluorescent paint. During the shootings they were illuminated with wood lights. Alberto Nikakis created the parallelepiped in 3d for the last scenes.

Sieva Diamantakos made more than 20 videos only for his electronic band, port-royal, and followed them as visual artists in their concerts around the world. From the site of their label, n5md: „Exploring themes of social ennui, loneliness, and emotional solipsism, the latter’s dark, melancholy images became an essential part of the band aesthetic, leading to his permanent membership in 2007 and the production of port-royal’s entire music video catalogue to date.“