The last big impezzo

August 30, 2016 / Clip

former Soviet countries and Russia, 2007-2012.
port-royal is a band which has always been inspired by Eastern countries and Russia. This is one of the reasons why they were well known in the electronic indie scene and gave us the possibility to play a lot of shows there. ‘The last big impezzo’ is a backstage film shot by Sieva Diamantakos during the tours there, full of moments he collected mainly during their days off. The video is aimed to transmit the fascination the band felt in those places.

Sieva Diamantakos made more than 20 videos only for his electronic band, port-royal, and followed them as visual artists in their concerts around the world. From the site of their label, n5md: „Exploring themes of social ennui, loneliness, and emotional solipsism, the latter’s dark, melancholy images became an essential part of the band aesthetic, leading to his permanent membership in 2007 and the production of port-royal’s entire music video catalogue to date.“