Balding generation

August 30, 2016 / Clip

A music video made by Sieva Diamantakos for the single ‘Balding generation (losing hair as we lose hope)’ for port-royal.
Shot almost entirely on a bus, an ‘object trouvĂ©’ that at the time didn’t still become the bar which it is now, it is the final chapter of the ‘disconnected love’ trilogy. The young guys inside the bus are brought by a saint on a journey in which they see images of war and devastation. They start to feel more connected but as soon as the images cease to be, they turn back to their daily self-centred lives, apart from the couple who finally found the real love. Technically the most difficult thing was to give the illusion of a trip and recreate the images outside the window. For this, we wrapped the bus with a green cloth and illuminated it with neon lights.

Sieva Diamantakos made more than 20 videos only for his electronic band, port-royal, and followed them as visual artists in their concerts around the world. From the site of their label, n5md: „Exploring themes of social ennui, loneliness, and emotional solipsism, the latter’s dark, melancholy images became an essential part of the band aesthetic, leading to his permanent membership in 2007 and the production of port-royal’s entire music video catalogue to date.“