Berlin Winter 2014/15. A collective takes a former DDR restaurant in the center of Berlin and turns it into a place for techno Parties. They build everything to make it function like a proper club. Since the building has to be demolished in the Summer, they plan just 5 Parties, each one with a theme. From one side the film praises the “do it yourself” culture. On the other hand it focuses on the importance to work together for a goal, live the moment and then move towards new horizons.

Director, writer, cameraman: Sieva Diamantakos

Editor, writer: Natalia Fentisova

2nd cameraman: Nils Reinecke, Natalia Fentisova

Assistant editor: Stefanie Trambow

Sound: Xenia Vinogradova

Script assistant: Edoardo Laudisi, Alberto Nikakis.

Soundscapes: Stefano Mascitti

Music: Stefan Gerber (Original Music for the film: Dub Techno, Minimal, Techno);
John Gham (“Painful Threesome”, “Drittes Auge”;
Dalot (“Story Of a City” from the album “Loop over Latitudes”, N5MD, 2010); “Fragments from the concert in Athens” @ Six D.O.G.S., Athens, 17.11.2011)
GATS & TEMPLE + Lagoon: “Yolcu”;
DFUMH – Don't Fuck Up My High: “Fragments from the concert in Kassel and Braunschweig” (2018)

Color correction: Blitzar Media

Opening titles: Sheldon Drake

Trailers: Lars Lorsh and Julia, TRAILERS' SOUND by Stefan Gerber

Poems: Niki

Production: BLITZAR MEDIA, 2019

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  • Wonderland